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Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Magnificent Seven

Back on March 2nd, 2010... I decided to start this blog in hopes of interacting with others who share the same collecting interests while documenting the hobby I have loved since I was a little kid.  Seven years later, I'm still here and along the way I've made hundreds of trades, read and replied to thousands of comments, and have even met a few of you in person.

Time sure flies by when you're having fun.

Today I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check out this blog... and especially those who have reached out to me by either leaving a comment or sending me an email.  The camaraderie among us is truly what motivates me to continue writing.

And since this blog is mainly me writing about the sports cards I love, I decided to show off seven athletes who wore #7 on their jerseys while playing the sport they loved in honor of these past seven years.

Without further adieu... here are my Magnificent Seven:

MLB: Mickey Mantle

1964 Topps Giants

Can't have a list of sevens without this guy on it.  I'm pretty sure this is my only vintage Mantle... but it's a beauty.  This set is one of my favorite vintage oddball sets.  

MLB: Ivan Rodriguez

1991 Score Traded #82T

A few weeks ago, I showed off my Ivan Rodriguez trifecta and mentioned my interest in this card.  1991 Score baseball isn't winning any popularity contests... but the reddish-purple borders goes well with that great action shot of Pudge.

MLB: Craig Bigio

2013 Tribute Autographs #TA-CB

On card autographs are cool.  On card autographs of hall of famers are cooler.  On card autographs of hall of fame players who spend their entire career with one franchise are the coolest.

MLB: Joe Mauer

2014 Topps Five Star Autographs #FSA-JM

Assuming Mauer stays with the Minnesota Twins his entire career and eventually gets elected into Cooperstown... see the Biggio comment above.

NFL: John Elway

1999 Finest Leading Indicators #L6

Elway is the Mickey Mantle of the NFL and like The Commerce Comet... I don't own a lot of cards featuring The Duke of Denver.  I did manage to find this cool insert, which features heat sensitive ink sitting in one of my binders.

NFL: Boomer Esiason

2012 Crown Royale Silhouette Materials #7

Boomer is one of the bigger football names in my Lefty PC.  He's not quite Elway... but he's a lot better than Todd Marinovich.

NHL:  Igor Larionov

Rounding out the Magnificent Seven is Igor Larionov.  I thought about including Nate Archibald, but when it came down to it... it didn't seem right leaving a San Jose Sharks player off of this list.  Brad Stuart wore #7 for Team Teal for eight  seasons, but The Professor is one of only four Sharks to be elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Well... that's it for today.  Thanks again to everyone who has ever taken the time to read my writing.  You're truly magnificent.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Thanks Fuji for all the inspiration!

    It really is rare for one player to stay with a team for his/her whole career. They are becoming fewer and farther between.

  2. Wow, we are 2 years 1 blog days apart from each other. Congrats on 7 years and here is to many more!

  3. That Boomer is sweet! And I too appreciate players who play their whole careers with one team.

  4. Congrats on the Seven. I agree that Mantle is a beauty

  5. Congratulations on 7 years, Fuji! I've always enjoyed your blog, and I appreciate the inspiration you've given me, both as a collector and a blogger!

  6. Congratulations on your achievement! I have mentioned before in more than one of my posts, but I will say it again here... If it wasn't for your blog coming up during a Google search two years or so ago, I might still be unaware that their were blogs dedicated to cards.

  7. 1. 7 to me is still Steve Yeager
    2. me likey that five star Mauer very much.
    3. Congrats on 7 years. I always enjoy reading your posts.

  8. Congrats on hitting the 7-year mark! That's a lot of blogging!

  9. Happy 7th anniversary Fuji, here's hoping to many more!

  10. It has been a pleasure. 7 more!

  11. Great post! Congrats on seven years blogging. That Mantle is amazing, I love '64 Topps Giants (I may have mentioned that before.) I liked Boomer Esiason as a player, and I've started to re-collect his stuff now that I hear him every morning on sports talk radio. Glad you got a hockey player in there, too. Larionov is a good choice!

  12. Congratulations and hope there's at least seven more... :-)

  13. Happy anniversary my friend. That Biggio silver signature is sharp.

  14. Congratulations on the anniversary, Fuji! Long may you reign!

  15. Thank you everyone for the kind comments! Can't believe it's been 7 years already. I'd like to say I'll still be here typing in seven years... but we'll have to see. I'm honestly surprised that I made it this far.

    SumoMenkoMan - I know. It's sad. I'm actually really stressed over Patrick Marleau and the San Jose Sharks right now. It's not likely that he'll be coming back... but I keep thinking he's spent his entire 19 year career in SJ. It'll be so sad to see him in another team's sweater.

    Sport Card Collectors - Noticed that too when I read your anniversary post last week.

    shlabotnikreport & Jon - Thanks for the kind words. Keep up the great blogs!

    gcrl - sorry... this post didn't have enough room for both a Yankee and a Dodger ;)

    Chris - My Topps Giants set is the oldest set in my collection... and one of my favorites.